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Tammy Hall

As a wife of over 21 years and a mom to 4 amazing kids, Tammy Hall loves being a wife and mom, but first and foremost she is a daughter of the Most High God.  She has chosen to follow God wherever He leads her.  Whether it be in homeschooling her children, women's ministry, or in the battles within her own personal life.  The innate desire she has to follow Jesus throughout her life is contagious, as you will experience first had when reading her book.  She allows us a glimpse into the pain she navigated through and the immense grace, love, compassion, and redemption that is possible through Jesus Christ.

Her journey truly brings to life the words of Matthew 19:26: "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." 

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AUGUST 1, 2022

For a long time I had been going through the motions of healing. What happened stopped me in my tracks and didn't just cause me to pause, it caused me to lose sight of who I thought I was and cause my spirit to literally break.

All that time I spent leading up to that fateful day, the day when I discovered my romanticized version of life was met with the brutal truth of reality, I thought I was becoming the person God wanted me to be. I had no clue that I was just at the beginning stages of that deep hidden desire. Little did I know I would have to go through that breaking point in order to actually start to become a woman that didn't just say God was molding her, but literally had to let Him because I couldn't survive let alone breathe without Him.

This website, this ministry, is a result of that day. That day may have destroyed who I was, but it also was the day that God used to birth a new me. One that relied solely and wholeheartedly on Him because I couldn't survive otherwise. Where it goes from here only He knows. I'm just along for the ride, doing my best to be obedient, and ready to see where He takes me.

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